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It took me a long time to nail down which company I wanted to commit to for Essential Oils. I researched for about a year before I chose one. I read lots of books, articles and tried different brands of essential oils. It is unbelievable the amount of information there is out there for you to read on companies and on Essential Oils. Every Essential Oil I tried just didn’t seem to do what I had read they were supposed to do. That is until I stumbled upon Young Living Essential Oils. I was trying to steer clear of the MLM companies, because lets face it there isn’t too many nice articles out there about them. But as I waded through all the negativity and just actually looked deeper at the company I found that they truly did care about the product and the people using them. They actually care about quality control and what and how we are using their products. They want their consumers to be happy and healthy and successful in maintaining their health.

In all my personal tests with different Essential Oils only one brand truly worked every time I used it, Young Living Essential Oils. I tried their Lavender against other companies’ Lavender and the others didn’t come close to what Young Living had. When it came to the Peppermint from Young Living, it worked way more effectively on stopping my headaches than other Peppermints out there from other companies. The Thieves sample I received was amazing, that one was used by my husband it helped him stay healthy! The Thieves Essential Oil was our tipping point that we decided we wanted to make Young Living apart of our lives and to share these amazing Essential Oils with our Family and Friends.

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